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            Lucy and yak 


    Let us introduce you to the Lucy & Yak Company, without which it would not have been possible to have a Brothers Collection, the directors of the Lucy & Yak Company are Mr. Chris and Lucy, the same two great gentlemen who founded the Brothers Collection, today the Brothers Collection whatever the sky The direct credit goes to Mr. Chris and Lucy !

    Mr. Chris is a person of such nature with whom we can spend a lot of time with no problem, we always get to learn something new with him.


                                                                        Mr. Ismail with Mr. Chris

    Let us introduce you to two such people, who know how to identify skills very well and who know how to understand human hard work.


                                                               Mr. Chris and Lucy

    Meet Mr. Chris and Lucy who work to give an energy to the Brothers Collection so that we can do our work quite well and improve our work.



    Mr. Chris and Lucy with Mr. Ismail Brothers and Team


    Now we tell you, our story

    Our story is incomplete without Mr. Chris and Lucy, today with them we have been able to bring the Brothers Collection to you.

    Let us now know who the Brothers Collection is, where they were born, where they are today and with whom they are doing their work.



    Mr. Ismail Team

    Brothers Collection is a clothing manufacturing company that is doing its work internationally today, this company started in a small village in India, at that time it was working as a small manufacturing unit, which Was run by Mr. Ismail. At that time Mr. Ismail was also doing a job along with his unit, at that time he had only two artisans to work on his manufacturing unit.



              Mr. Ismail working with Tailors

    At that time his younger brother Mr. Munir Mohammed was condensing a small hotel!



                                                                                 Our Factory Tailors

    One day, two guests from outside India stayed in his hotel, named Mr. Chris and Lucy, he was in search of a good tailor who according to him could do a good job and give them what is practical. He posed in front of Mr. Munir Mohammed one day, then Mr. Munir Mohammed introduced him to his elder brother Mr. Ismail, who used to work as a tailor, who is currently the operator of Brothers Collection Company!


    Mr. Chris and Lucy met Mr. Ismail ten kilometers away from their hotel, he saw Mr. Ismail's work at that time, and after understanding his work, he decided that Mr. Ismail would first make him some tobacco pouches, He liked that pouch very much and he ordered to make that pouch which was appreciated in the international market.


    Mr. Kriss and Lucy liked the work of Mr. Ismail, after seeing the work they had done, after making that pouch, Mr. Chris and Lucy asked Mr. Ismail to make Dongri (Dongri is a type of cloth which is quite popular outside India. And it is a Western dress),He asked Mr. Ismail to make a sample of Dongri that Mr. Kriss and Lucy liked, Mr. Ismail, with his hard work and dedication, gave Mr. Krush and Lucy a sample of the Dongri that Mr. Krush and Lucy liked so much. That he ordered Mr. Ismail to make further Dongri,



                      Mr. Chris and Lucy with Brothers Collection Team

    Then Mr. Ismail started a small clothing manufacturing unit in 2017, he named that unit at that time brothers collection,

    Mr. Christ and Lucy liked Mr. Ismail's work!

    He commended his work and gave him the task of making further dongri, production started to grow slowly, along with the production Mr. Ismail needed more artisans to carry on his work,


                                          Brothers Collection Logo

    along with the work also the artisans At present, the brothers collection company has about 100 tailors and 60 other employees who do the finishing work.



                Brothers Collection Factory Tailors

    The main objective of the Brothers Collection Company is also to provide employment to women so that women can be promoted further in the society, we currently have around 20 womens.

    The Brothers Collection creates a good environment for its tailors and employees to work, the Brothers Collection also uses solar energy to further its work so that our tellers and employees face any difficulty while doing their work. Don't have to.

    We respect the work of every tailor and we encourage him to move forward so that he can do his work properly and he will always be interested in his work.




    Our company primarily does its work for the Lucy & York Company!

    The director of which is Mr. Chris and Lucy, as this story tells you that without Mr Chris and Lucy the Brothers Collection could not have been imagined, without Mr Chris and Lucy's Brothers Collection today did not touch such a sky high. Could have been, because in the early stages when Mr. Chris and Lucy ordered Mr. Ismail to do his work,Then Mr. Ismail used to make mistakes in work quite often, but still at that time Mr. Chris and Lucy supported us, giving us a chance to learn from our mistakes.


    Mr. Christ and Lucy, understanding and teaching our work, established a tree called the Brothers Collection today, and in fact the root of this tree is Mr. Christ and Lucy, because of this reason an existence of the Brothers Collection today. Mr. Ismail, with all his hard work, worked hard for his work and the work of admiring that work was done by Mr. Chris and Lucy and today it is a result of this that today the Brothers Collection along with its work also extended to the people of their village. Is able to give employment




                                                                        Lucy and Yak Logo




       Brothers Collection Team

    Mr. Christ and Lucy understood Mr. Ismail's hard work and encouraged him to always move forward, always taught him something new from mistakes, Mr. Ismail and the entire team of Brothers Collections thanked Mr. Christ and Lucy for what they thought we deserved, We hope that you will treat us in the same way and encourage us to move forward.




    Ismail Khan

    Brothers collection